Illustration of students in a lecture hall with a missing lecture

UC must protect lecturers when cutting costs

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: UC hiring freeze threatens lecturers, would harm instructional quality

UC Berkeley’s reputation may depend on the eminence of its tenured professors, but students’ daily experiences of campus tend to center far more around lecturers.
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Illustration of people wearing facemasks and voting by mail

Nation must vote by mail to ensure safety

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Implementing vote by mail is crucial to protect public health, ensure integrity of elections

If some social distancing will need to continue past November, voting by mail should not be the measure of the moment: It should become the new normal.
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Illustration of online education

Virtual learning standards must be maintained

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The advancements being made in online education will help expand access to education moving forward

Students who choose virtual education are just as worthy of a quality instructional platform as those who choose to learn in a traditional classroom setting.
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Illustration of newspaper production

Stand in solidarity with student newsrooms to keep them alive

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Imperiled student newsrooms across the nation deserve your support as they relentlessly fight censorship and financial insecurity to keep their papers alive

As the city of Berkeley’s paper of record, our staff is uncovering stories no one else is reporting on and overcoming boundaries.
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