Infographic of COVID-19 infection rates in American cities and counties vs. in jails.

Building a more humane future: Organizing for prison abolition during COVID-19

Some New York jails have been reported to have infection rates as much as 80 times the infection rate of the United States, while the infamous Rikers Island jail complex has an infection rate more than 4.5 times higher than New York City does, according to The Legal Aid Society. These numbers raise concerns about infection rates and health conditions in detention facilities across the country, where, in total, 2.3 million people are incarcerated.
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history of diary writing importance

In defense of the expression of mundane life

When I look back on these years of college, I seem to remember most vividly the explosions of feelings: the incredible successes and the even more spectacular failures. However, if I’m more discerning, I know that most of my time was not spent in these peaks or troughs, but instead in steady moments of content or discontent, not noticing that time was passing at all.?
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Illustration of eight people wearing party hats and smiling, celebrating one person's birthday.

Creating our own rituals: Celebrating milestones during the coronavirus

With the rituals we would usually perform to mark these transitions prohibited — rituals such as singing happy birthday before blowing out candles on a cake in front of your friends and family, or making the pilgrimage together to the grocery store to buy your first bottle of wine while still nervously feeling like you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be — we’re forced to create our own rituals.?
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